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SmartFrog is a framework for creating configuration-driven systems. It has been designed with the express purpose of making the design, deployment and management of distributed component-based systems simpler and more robust. Over the last decade it has been the focus for ongoing research into aspects of configuration management and large-scale distributed(More)
Cloud computing infrastructure services enable the flexible creation of virtual infrastructures on-demand. However, the creation of infrastructures is only a part of the process for provisioning services. Other steps such as installation, deployment, configuration, monitoring and management of software components are needed to fully provide services to(More)
<i>Cloud Computing</i> is an innovative computing proposal, which key feature is the ease and effectiveness of providing a service. There are a number of challenges that a management system for the Cloud will need to address including: scale, reliability (fault-handling and high availability), security and service heterogeneity, to achieve effectiveness. (More)
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