Andrew F. Seila

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In its ideal form, Web-based simulation should allow simulation models as well as simulation results to be as readily distributable and composable as today's Web documents. The rapid advances in Web technology, most notably Java, are helping to make this a possibility. Support for executable Web content, universal portability, component technology, and(More)
This article discusses implementation issues for the LBATCH and ABATCH batch means procedures of Fishman and Yarberry (1997). Theses procedures dynamically increase the batch size and the number of contiguous batches based on the outcome of a hypothesis test for independence among the batch means. We show that both procedures require O(n) time and O(log 2(More)
Methods are presented for computing a joint confidence region and simultaneous confidence intervals for the mean of multivariate observations from a simulation operating in steady-state. These methods place observations into batches and use the batch means to compute the confidence region or confidence intervals. As sequential method to determine the batch(More)