Andrew F. Seila

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In its ideal form, Web-based simulation should allow simulation models as well as simulation results to be as readily distributable and composable as today’s Web documents. The rapid advances in Web technology, most notably Java, are helping to make this a possibility. Support for executable Web content, universal portability, component technology, and(More)
The purpose of this paper is to review some advanced aspects of methods for analyzing data produced by simulations. The review focuses on methods for estimating parameters of stationary output processes. The techniques include some variations of the batch means method, sequential methods, standardized time series estimators, methods based upon Hoeffding’s(More)
The purpose of this paper is to review methods for analyzing data produced by simulations. The review discusses the objectives of output analysis and examines the need to apply statistical methods. Methods for estimating parameters from terminating and steady-state simulations are presented. For steady-state simulations, methods for computing estimates of(More)
The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce the basic concepts of simulation, specifically discrete event simulation. Reasons for using simulation as a tool for decision making are presented, along with the process of conducting a simulation study. Types of available simulation software and statistical problems and considerations in simulation are also(More)
"Spreadsheet simulation" refers to the use of a spreadsheet as a platform for representing simulation models and performing simulation experiments. This tutorial explains the reasons for using this platform for simulation, discusses why this is frequently an efficient way to build simulation models and execute them, describes how to setup a spreadsheet(More)
The ribosome is the macromolecular machine responsible for protein synthesis in all cells. Here, we establish a kinetic framework for the 50S modified fragment reaction that makes it possible to measure the kinetic effects that result from isotopic substitution in either the A or P site of the ribosome. This simplified peptidyl transferase assay follows a(More)
Methods are presented for computing a joint confidence region and simultaneous confidence intervals for the mean of multivariate observations from a simulation operating in steady-state. These methods place observations into batches and use the batch means to compute the confidence region or confidence intervals. As sequential method to determine the batch(More)
This paper reviews statistical methods for analyzing output data from computer simulations of single systems. In particular, it focuses on the estimation of steady-state system parameters. The estimation techniques include the replication/deletion approach, the regenerative method, the batch means method, and the standardized time series method.