Andrew F. Chiarella

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Students often annotate texts they are reading using highlighting, underlining, and written comments and marks in the margins of the text. These may serve various functions and will reflect each student’s goals and understanding of the text. This research proposes two simple biology-inspired approaches to represent the patterns of student annotations and to(More)
CoREAD, software that enables learners to collaborate indirectly while reading a text, was designed using a self-organising systems approach. Using CoREAD learners highlight portions of the text they deem important. The font colour of the text is then modified based on the collective history of learners’ actions, indicating the importance of the text(More)
ion Specificity Description with examples Specific 2 Two or more slopes are calculated at different points and compared – “the rate of decrease was 2°C/minute at the beginning and 0.5°C/minute at the end.” Changing rate of change 4 General 1 Describes different/changing slopes (or rates of change) – “the temperature goes down fast at first and more slowly(More)
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