Andrew Evan Graham

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The principals and procedure of long bone surgery are presented and the need for robotic assistance is established. Existing problems include radiation exposure from fluoroscopy, mental strain from reconstructing 3-dimensional images and physical fatigue from overcoming fracture deforming forces. These problems are addressed by a proposed fracture reduction(More)
Automated vehicles operating in warehouse environments are in need of an efficient scheduling and planning solution. This is motived by requirements to have high utilisation of resources and through-put of product. Current approaches used to solve the planning and scheduling problem, particularly with multiple vehicles have often been too limited in scope(More)
Force compliant trajectory optimization is a term used here to describe a method of following an optimized path while interacting with an environment having only partial a priori knowledge. This can be used when the start and goal poses are fixed and what knowledge is available allows an initial path to be given. A robot traversing this path then senses the(More)
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