Andrew Ensor

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This study examined the effects of the method of repeated readings (RR), a well-accepted remedial reading technique for improving the reading rate of hearing children, with deaf adolescents. Forty-two students from a midwestern residential school for the deaf were randomly assigned into treatment and control groups. The groups were equivalent with respect(More)
With the rapid advances in mobile technology many mobile devices are capable of capturing high quality images and video with their embedded camera. This paper investigates techniques for real-time processing of the resulting images, particularly on-device utilizing a graphical processing unit. Issues and limitations of image processing on mobile devices are(More)
Many networked systems involve multiple modes of transport. Such systems are called multimodal, and examples include logistic networks, biomedical phenomena, manufacturing process and telecommunication networks. Existing techniques for determining optimal paths in multimodal networks have either required heuristics or else application-specific constraints(More)
The Fourier transform is the main processing step applied to data collected from the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) receivers. The requirement is to compute a Fourier transform of 219 real byte samples in real-time, while minimizing the power consumption. We address this challenge by optimizing a FFT implementation for execution on the Kalray MPPA manycore(More)
A realtime feature point detection algorithm called ColourFAST is introduced. ColourFAST extracts vector-based feature strength and direction measures from the colour channels of any pixel in an image. The extracted information is applied to create an effective feature point tracker. These feature point and tracker algorithms have a pipeline design(More)
New approaches for data provenance and data management (DPDM) are required for mega science projects like the Square Kilometer Array, characterized by extremely large data volume and intense data rates, therefore demanding innovative and highly efficient computational paradigms. In this context, we explore a streamcomputing approach with the emphasis on the(More)
A real-time feature point matching algorithm is introduced. It extracts vector-based ColourFAST feature strength and direction measures from the colour channels of the pixels in an image. This information is combined with the relative locations of the feature points to provide frame-by-frame scale and rotation invariant matching. The resulting algorithm is(More)
A weighted coloured–edge graph is a graph for which each edge is assigned both a positive weight and a discrete colour, and can be used to model transportation and computer networks in which there are multiple transportation modes. In such a graph paths are compared by their total weight in each colour, resulting in a Pareto set of minimal paths from one(More)