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A Ban on One Is a Boon for the Other: Strict Gasoline Content Rules and Implicit Ethanol Blending Mandates
Ethanol and methyl-tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) were close substitutes in the gasoline additives market until MTBE was banned due to the concerns about groundwater contamination, leading to a suddenExpand
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Tests of Exchangeability for Siblings and Twins ∗
Studies using twins and siblings as natural experiments to identify causal effects have become widespread in economics. In this paper, we test the validity of these strategies using existing panelExpand
The Interactive Effect of Medicare Inpatient and Outpatient Reimbursement JOB MARKET PAPER
Hospital care is characterized by inpatient and outpatient departments; however, Medicare reimburses hospitals differently for treatment in each department. In this paper, I examine how hospitalsExpand
Correlated Random Effects Model : an Application to the Exchangeability of Siblings and Twins ∗
A common strategy in empirical work is to use fixed-effects and within-variation to alleviate the omitted variables problem. Particularly, siblings and twins are often utilized to account for familyExpand
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