Andrew Ehle

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Using a Ni(dppf) catalyst generated in situ, Heck cross-coupling of aryl pivalates with a variety of olefin partners has been accomplished. This method represents one of the first examples of a C-C cross-coupling via activation of a strong C-O bond with a nonorganometallic coupling partner. It enables the transformation of phenol-based substrates into(More)
We have developed an efficient method for the synthesis of (E)-trisubstituted vinyl bromides via a Friedel-Crafts-type addition of alkynes to oxocarbenium ions formed in situ from acetals. The success of this reaction relies on identification of MgBr2·OEt2 as both a Lewis acid promoter and bromide source. This reaction employs simple, inexpensive starting(More)
In this Article, we present a new method for the synthesis of diarylnorbornadiene derivatives. Through the use of a two-step procedure consisting of a tandem alkene insertion-Suzuki coupling reaction followed by a DDQ dehydrogenation, we have been able to synthesize derivatives with a wide variety of substituents. We also present the results of UV-visible(More)
Process modeling is useful during the analysis and design of systems. Prior research acknowledges both impediments to process modeling that limits its use as well as customizations that can be employed to help improve the creation of process models. However, no research to date has provided a rich examination of the linkages between perceived process(More)
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