Andrew E. Turner

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While many-core accelerator architectures, such as today's Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), offer orders of magnitude more raw computing power than contemporary CPUs, their massive parallelism often produces complex dynamic behaviors even with the simplest applications. Using a fixed set of hardware or simulator performance counters to quantify behavior(More)
Servicing of geosynchronous (GEO) spacecraft would permit removal of the large propellant tanks used for north-south stationkeeping (NSSK) and orbit-raising (OR), while avoiding the power and OR maneuver duration requirements for present-day electric propulsion. The propulsion subsystem is removed from the spacecraft except for a modest arrangement capable(More)
We aimed to study linguistic and non-linguistic elements of diagnostic reasoning across the continuum of medical education. We performed semi-structured interviews of premedical students, first year medical students, third year medical students, second year internal medicine residents, and experienced faculty (ten each) as they diagnosed three common causes(More)
The effect of "coping statements" on the rapidity of progress through desensitization hierarchies was examined in several cases of clinically significant anxiety-based disorders. Using a series of single-case experimental designs (relying heavily on an alternating treatments element), it was shown that (a) coping statements decrease the reported anxiety(More)
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