Andrew E. Myers

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The overall extent of habitat use by leatherback turtles in the North Atlantic, and hence their possible interactions with longline fisheries, is unknown. Here we use long-term satellite telemetry to reveal that leatherbacks range throughout the North Atlantic, indicating that closing limited areas to longline fisheries will probably have only partial(More)
We report on results from two types of data-logger attached to hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys coriacea) in the breeding season at the Seychelles, Indian Ocean. Conventional time–depth recorders (TDRs) showed prolonged bouts of long dives to the seabed, consistent with benthic resting. This behaviour has been widely reported in sea turtles and appears to be(More)
The deaths of 100 men due to coronary artery disease which occurred so suddenly and unexpectedly as to merit a coroner's necropsy have been studied, with special reference to the exact circumstances of their occurrence. The most significant relationship of sudden death was with acute psychological stress. Moderate physical activity, the time of day, the day(More)
Despite decades of conservation efforts on the nesting beaches, the critical status of leatherback turtles shows that their survival predominantly depends on our ability to reduce at-sea mortality. Although areas where leatherbacks meet fisheries have been identified during the long distance movements between two consecutive nesting seasons, hotspots of(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine important risk factors associated with cases of gonorrhoea in England, and whether any particular risk groups were associated with the substantial rise in numbers of cases seen between 1994 and 1996. DESIGN Two retrospective cross sectional surveys. SETTING 70 randomly selected genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics in England. (More)
Suscard is a buccally administered formulation which provides rapid introduction of nitroglycerin directly into the systemic circulation and, by virtue of its sustained-release properties, may confer protection against anginal attacks for several hours. Its efficacy has been established in angina pectoris and more recently its usefulness has been extended(More)