Andrew Durham

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Neurons in the lateral belt areas of rhesus monkey auditory cortex prefer complex sounds to pure tones, but functional specializations of these multiple maps in the superior temporal region have not been determined. We tested the specificity of neurons in the lateral belt with species-specific communication calls presented at different azimuth positions. We(More)
Persistent hepatitis B virus infection is a major risk factor for hepatocellular carcinoma, the most frequent cancer in some developing countries. Up to 95% of those infected at birth and 15% of those infected after the neonatal period fail to clear hepatitis B virus, together resulting in approximately 350 million persistent carriers worldwide. Via a whole(More)
Stability constants are reported for the binding of H+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions to the chelators commonly abbreviated EGTA, EDTA, HEDTA, DPA, NTA, ADA, and citrate, under uniform conditions of physiological temperature and ionic strength. Other compounds usable as calcium buffers are listed. The theoretical and practical considerations that influence the actual(More)
Several lines of evidence suggest tha Ca2+ ions control cell proliferation: Ca2+ entry into cytoplasm acts as a general mitogen; serum and serum-replacements induce Ca2+ influx; the Ca2+ concentrations in growth media required to support the proliferation of normal cells are much higher than those required for cancer cells; serum and growth factors reduce(More)