Andrew Duggan

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Measurement of the metabolic cost of walking inconveniences subjects, and requires skilled technical support and expensive equipment. These factors have stimulated interest in predictive equations. The present study assessed existing equations. Under each of 17 combinations of gradient (0-6%) and carried load (4.1-37.4 kg), 7-12 men undertook treadmill(More)
Sixty-two Adult Artillery Recruits, 95 Junior Infantry Soldier Recruits and 104 Junior Infantry Leader Recruits were studied before and after 3, 5 and 11 months, respectively, of British Army basic training. Before basic training the mean maximal oxygen uptake predicted from cycle ergometry (pred VO2max) for Adult Artillery Recruits was 56.1 ml (kg min)-1.(More)
We investigate the decoding region for Algebraic Soft-Decision Decoding (ASD) of Reed-Solomon codes in a discrete, memoryless, additive-noise channel. An expression is derived for the error correction radius within which the softdecision decoder produces a list that contains the transmitted codeword. The error radius for ASD is shown to be larger than that(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the economic value of dispensing preoperative home-based chlorhexidine bathing cloth kits to orthopedic patients to prevent surgical site infection (SSI). METHODS A stochastic decision-analytic computer simulation model was developed from the hospital's perspective depicting the decision of whether to dispense the kits preoperatively(More)
Title of dissertation: PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF ALGEBRAIC SOFT-DECISION DECODING OF REED-SOLOMON CODES Andrew Duggan, Masters of Science, 2006 Thesis directed by: Professor Alexander Barg Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering We investigate the decoding region for Algebraic Soft-Decision Decoding (ASD) of Reed-Solomon codes in a discrete,(More)
* -' The objectives of this study were to examine the relationship between two laboratory tests of anaerobic power (AnP) and to compare these tests to field measures of AnP. Fifteen male-subJeets, aged 20-34 yrs, performed: 1) a 30s maximal cycle ergometer test (Wingate test, WT)5 2) a 60s Isokinetic knee extension test (isokinetic endurance test, IET); 3)(More)
One advantage of a research university is the opportunity that it provides for undergraduate students to become involved in cutting edge research with leading scientists and engineers. The University of Pittsburgh and its Swanson School of Engineering are no different. This past spring, with the generous support of the Office of the Provost, the Swanson(More)
BACKGROUND The efficacy of antibiotics in preventing surgical site infections (SSIs) depends on the timing of administration relative to the start of surgery. However, currently, both the timing of and recommendations for administration vary substantially. AIM To determine how the economic value from the hospital perspective of preoperative antibiotics(More)
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