Andrew Downie

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A communication course for new hearing aid users, covering explanations of hearing loss and hearing aids, hearing tactics, lipreading and relaxation techniques in three 2 h sessions, was developed. The course was tested on groups of adults fitted with NHS post-aural hearing aids at the Audiology Clinic at the Royal South Hants Hospital. The course content,(More)
This is a summary of clinical experience and research findings gathered from using vibrotactile aids over 7 years. This interest grew from a research project to evaluate four wrist-worn vibrotactile aids for the rehabilitation of the profoundly deaf. To facilitate this, a training programme was developed to help patients get the most from the aid. Having(More)
The serotyping of gonococcal isolates has enabled detailed studies of the epidemiology of gonorrhoea in different geographical areas. This study reports the patterns of infection found in 1992 in Aberdeen and relates these to a variety of clinical parameters. 140 cases of gonorrhoea were isolated the majority of which belonged to one strain (lA-2) in(More)
Background Community and stakeholder engagement have increasingly been acknowledged as best practice in the design and implementation of global clinical research, results dissemination and strategies for access to new health products. Existing guidelines and best practices, however, provide little insight into the expected outcomes of engagement activities,(More)
Neurosyphilis has become an uncommon clinical problem, for primary and secondary infections are usually recognised and treated early and successfully. However, patients occasionally receive no treatment for their acute infections--usually because they fail to seek advice--or may receive inadequate therapy when prescribed oral penicillin for other(More)
This paper describes the application of Compendium, a knowledge cartography software tool, for the recording of group process. As a hypertext tool, it enables analysts to visualise connections between people, ideas and information, establishing an evidence base within and across contexts (such as group sessions). After customising its visual language,(More)
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