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Direct processing of EZW compressed image data
  • Andrew Dorrell
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of 3rd IEEE International Conference…
  • 16 September 1996
A method is presented for the processing of EZW encoded image data. Operations of the type expected to be performed by a graphics server-pixel-wise arithmetic, offset, scaling and convolution-areExpand
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Segmentation of medical images using an active-contour model incorporating region-based image features
An improved segmentation algorithm based on the active contour model is developed. A distinguishing element of our algorithm is the incorporation of region-based image features which improvesExpand
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Improved motion invariant imaging with time varying shutter functions
In motion invariant photography, blur is introduced by a structured movement of the camera during capture. The structured movement results in a uniform blur which simplifies deblur throughExpand
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Image scaling with aliasing cancellation
This paper describes a novel image scaling algorithm based on a simple orientation adaptive anti-aliasing filter. The Projection-Slice theorem of Fourier theory is applied to characterize theExpand
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Scalable Visual Information in Multimedia
In this paper we present a useful generalisation of the concept of data format for image and video. Whereas image and video formats for multimedia are usually motivated by the need for compression orExpand
Image Processing in the Block-DCT Domain: Fast Techniques and Applications
We describe a technique for calculating and applying linear operators in the block DCT domain. The implementation makes extensive use of existing JPEG codec components, effectively turning the JPEGExpand
Fast Image Operations in Wavelet Spaces
Wavelet transforms have been widely applied to image and video compression but they also have the ability to compress operators. A result is that there is great potential for producing fastExpand
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Declarative Video Processing for Decomposable Algorithm Simulation
Video signal processing algorithms which are to be implemented in hardware typically have severe constraints on their memory usage and window of data access. When implemented in software as a chainExpand