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A field campaign had been organized in August 2010 on Tüz Gölü salt lake, Turkey, with the aim of characterizing the site for satellite optical sensor vicarious calibration, and of comparing different methodologies of surface reflectance factor characterization. Several teams have made ground-based reflectance measurements with a field spectrometer on(More)
This paper presents the results of the laboratory and field based reflectance panel and radiometer comparisons that took place as part of the CEOS 2010 Key comparison of " techniques and instruments used for the vicarious calibration of Land surface imaging through a ground reference standard test site ". The results of the comparisons are presented which(More)
Sintered polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is highly reflective and is widely used as a reference standard in remote sensing, radiometry, and spectroscopy. The relative change in output flux from a PTFE integrating sphere over the room temperature phase transition at 19°C has been measured at a monochromatic wavelength of 633 nm as 1.82±0.21%. The change in(More)
Fluorescence has been found in color standards available for use in calibration and verification of color measuring instruments. The fluorescence is excited at wavelengths below about 600?nm and emitted above 700?nm, within the response range of silicon photodiodes, but at the edge of the response of most photomultipliers and outside the range commonly(More)
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