Andrew DeHaan

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This study assessed the efficacy of ketoprofen for mitigating pain following dehorning with an electric cautery iron. Forty Holstein heifer calves, 4 to 8 wk of age, were randomized to receive a lidocaine cornual nerve block and either an injection of ketoprofen (3 mg/kg IM) or physiological saline, 10 min prior to dehorning. Cortisol was measured from(More)
The calcium-dependent contraction of vertebrate skeletal muscle is thought to be primarily controlled through the interaction of the thick and thin filaments. Through measurement of the Donnan potential, we have shown that an electrical switching mechanism (sensitive to both anions and cations) is present in both A- and I-bands [1]. Here we show that this(More)
3A2 is an antibody raised against human chorionic gonadotropin and recognizes a linear epitope on the C-terminal peptide of the human chorionic gonadotropin beta-subunit. Its three-dimensional structure has been determined to 2-A resolution using molecular replacement and refined to a conventional R-factor of 18.2%. The protein exhibits the typical(More)
The Fab fragments of two monoclonal antibodies (Fab3A2, Fab6A) raised against epitopes of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) have been crystallized using the vapour-diffusion technique. The Fab3A2 antibody recognises an epitope on the C-terminal peptide of the beta-subunit and the Fab6A a conformational epitope of hCG. Both Fab crystals grow as hexagonal(More)
"Scorpion fish" is a nickname given by fishermen to members of the Trachinidae family as a result of their unusual stinging mechanism. These fish are found throughout the eastern Atlantic region from the North Sea through the Mediterranean and Black Seas and along the western coast of Northern and Central Africa. They are characterised by poisonous glands(More)
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