Andrew David Dehennis

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 This paper reports on a micromachined stent that has been developed to serve as an antenna for wireless monitoring of implantable microsensors. A 4 mm long, 3.5 mm diameter design is fabricated from 50 µm thick stainless steel foil using a batch-compatible micro electro-discharge machining process. As it is expanded during deployment, the stent transforms(More)
This paper reports a micromachined antenna stent (stentenna) that is integrated with implantable microsensors for wireless sensing of blood flow and pressure with no battery. A device that has 20-mm length and 3.5-mm diameter (after expansion) is fabricated from 50 µm thick stainless steel foil by using batch-compatible micro-electro-discharge machining.(More)
This paper presents an integrated circuit (IC) that merges integrated optical and temperature transducers, optical interface circuitry, and a near-field communication (NFC)-enabled digital, wireless readout for a fully passive implantable sensor platform to measure glucose in people with diabetes. A flip-chip mounted LED and monolithically integrated(More)
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