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"Fierce Warres and Faithfull Loues": Pattern as Structure in Book I of 'The Faerie Queene'
THE KNOWLEDGE that Spenser intended to fashion "XII. Morall vertues," portrayed, according to the Letter to Ralegh, "as Aristotle hath deuised," has been for many critics an impediment rather than aExpand
Expelling the Beast: Bruno's Adventures in England
In the strange history of Bruno's wanderings about Europe in the interval between his flight from his monastery and his return to Venice, few episodes are as puzzling as his sojourn in England.Expand
On Interpretation: Studies in Culture, Law, and the Sacred
Founded as a journal but now evolving into a book series, Graven Images illuminates culture, the law, and the human urge for transcendence. Graven Images 5: On Interpretation looks pastExpand
Raphael's Eutopia and More's "Utopia": Christian Humanism and the Limits of Reason
But even in the most excellent determination of goodnesse, what Philosophers counsaile can so readely direct . . a whole Common-wealth, as the Way of Sir Thomas Moores Eutopia. I say the Way, becauseExpand