Andrew D. Warshall

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The ability of the Transition Region and Coronal Explorer (TRACE) to image solar plasma over a wide range of temperatures ( –10 K) at high spatial resolution (00.5 pixels) makes it a unique instrument for observing 4 T ∼ 10 e solar flares. We present TRACE and Yohkoh observations of an M2.4 two-ribbon flare that began on 1999 July 25 at about 13:08 UT. We(More)
The dead-end depth of an element g of a group with finite generating set A is the distance from g to the complement of the radius dA(1, g) closed ball, in the word metric dA. We exhibit a finitely presented group K with two finite generating sets A and B such that dead-end depth is unbounded on K with respect to A but is at most two with respect to B. 2000(More)
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