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So-called ‘419’ or ‘advance-fee’ e-mail frauds have proved remarkably successful. Global losses to these scams are believed to run to billions of dollars. Although it can be assumed that the promiseExpand
Toryism, Classical Liberalism, and Capitalism: The Politics of Taxation and the Struggle for Canadian Confederation
Within the four original Canadian provinces, the politics of taxation were a central issue in the struggle to form Confederation, as they were in Newfoundland, the tax-adverse colony that rejectedExpand
Public Policy Analysis in Contemporary France: Academic Approaches, Questions and Debates
Today French academic studies of government are dominated by a particular form of public policy analysis which cannot be explained using literal translations. Instead this article endeavours toExpand
Learning to use the past: the development of a rhetorical history strategy by the London headquarters of the Hudson’s Bay Company
Abstract Organization studies scholars are increasingly interested in how managers use the past to obtain competitive advantage. Little research has been done on the history of the corporate use ofExpand
Toward polyphonic constitutive historicism: a new research agenda for management historians
Abstract Ten years after the call for a ‘historic turn,’ this paper builds on recent developments in organizational remembering scholarship to outline a new research agenda for management historians.Expand
Confucian Entrepreneurship: Towards a Genealogy of a Conceptual Tool
The concept of the ‘Confucian Entrepreneur’ is now used by many scholars to understand entrepreneurship in China and other East Asian countries. This paper traces the development of this concept fromExpand
The rejection of industrial democracy by Berle and Means and the emergence of the ideology of managerialism
One distinctive feature of the American variant of capitalism is the near absence of any of the industrial democracy institutions found in many European firms. This article examines ideology as aExpand
Berle and Means’s The Modern Corporation and Private Property: The Military Roots of a Stakeholder Model of Corporate Governance
The Modern Corporation and Private Property by Adolf Berle and Gardiner Means (1932) remains one of the most cited works in management studies. Our paper shows that Berle and Means espoused aExpand