Andrew D. Silber

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Electropolymerization of the phenothiazine derivative methylene blue (MB) on screen-printed, thick-film gold electrodes leads to electrocatalytically active and conducting layers of poly(methylene blue) (PMB) in intimate and stable contact with the electrode surface. The catalytic properties of the PMB films allow anodic oxidation of NADH at potentials as(More)
We present results from IUE and optical spectra, optical photometry and circular polarimetry during high and low states of the highly luminous soft X-ray cataclysmic variable AR UMa that identifies the primary in this system as a white dwarf with a magnetic field of 230 MG. The high magnetic field likely threads accretion blobs all the way from the(More)
We have measured a velocity dispersion for the foreground galaxy in this gravitationally lensed system. Our dispersion confirms the prediction from lens models, provided that the source is distant enough (z S > 0.2). Current interpretations of lensing statistics depend sensitively on how the optical and mass dispersions are related. For z S > 0.5, our(More)
The magnetic cataclysmic variable DQ Herculis was observed with the Faint Object Spectrograph onboard the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) over four consecutive satellite orbits, including the first observation in the UV of DQ Her through eclipse minimum. Strong emission in NV, C IV, Si IV, and He II and weak emission in O I, S III, Ni II, N IV, Si III, and C(More)
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