Andrew D. Royappa

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In the title compound, [Cu(CH3CN)4](C2HO4)·0.5C2H2O4·0.5CH3CN, the Cu(I) ion is coordinated by the N atoms of four aceto-nitrile ligands in a slightly distorted tetra-hedral environment. The oxalic acid mol-ecule lies across an inversion center. The aceto-nitrile solvent mol-ecule is disordered across an inversion center and was refined with half occupancy.(More)
Department of Chemistry, University of West Florida, 11000 University Parkway, Pensacola, FL 32514, USA, Department of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 285 Old Westport Road, North Dartmouth, MA 02747, USA, and Department of Chemistry, University of California, San Diego, Urey Hall 5128, mail code 0358, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA(More)
The dinuclear molecule of the title compound, [Cu(2)(C(2)O(4))(C(18)H(15)P)(4)]·2CH(2)Cl(2), lies across an inversion center with a strictly planar bridging oxalate ligand coordinating two Cu(I) ions via two pairs of O atoms. Two triphenyl-phosphine ligands also coordinate each symmetry-related Cu(I) ion, resulting in a distorted tetra-hedral geometry(More)
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