Andrew D Ross

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A study was carried out to test the accuracy and consistency of veterinary pathologists, not specialists in hematopathology, in applying the World Health Organization (WHO) system of classification of canine lymphomas. This study represents an initiative of the ACVP Oncology Committee, and the classification has been endorsed by the World Small Animal(More)
Knowledge of elementary relaxation processes in small molecules and proteins motivates the extension of two-dimensional photon echo (2DPE) spectroscopy further into the UV wavelength range. Here, we describe our development of a four-wave mixing spectrometer employing 200 nm laser pulses. Filamentation of laser beams in both air and argon yields 200 nm(More)
The crystalloid vs. colloid controversy is based on a disagreement as to the most effective, safest, and most economical method of maintaining an effective plasma volume in shock patients. This review discusses Starling's law of fluid movement, with a definition of each term in the normal physiological state, and presents examples of how each component of(More)
The ultrastructural appearance at primary and metastatic sites of ten ovine small intestinal adenocarcinomas was that of scirrhous tubular adenocarcinoma. Polygonal undifferentiated tumor cells had desmosomes, folded nuclei, and moderate numbers of mitochondria but few other organelles. More differentiated cells were columnar with apical microvilli and(More)
In five beef bulls spermatogenic cells labelled with (3)H-thymidine were used to estimate the duration of one cycle of the seminiferous epithelium (S.E.) and epididymal passage (E.P.) of spermatozoa after 10 or 20 hr of scrotal insulation designed to increase testicular temperature. From six autoradiographic estimates in three bulls, the mean value for 1(More)
Changes in formalin concentration were measured over time in uncontaminated solutions and solutions heavily contaminated by mud, faeces, wool or straw. Shallow plastic trays containing 1.11 of a 9% aqueous solution of formalin were exposed for 6 days (trial 1) or 8 days (trial 2) to windy autumn weather. Evaporation of solution volumes was high (47-73%).(More)
Three trials were conducted to assess the size and frequency of lesions induced by an oil-based and an alum-precipitated aqueous B. nodosus commercial footrot vaccine at two injection sites (neck and brisket) with or without prior skin swabbing with methanol. Animals used were previously unvaccinated and clean and dry at time of vaccination. Trial 1(More)
Neoplastic diseases are typically diagnosed by biopsy and histopathological evaluation. The pathology report is key in determining prognosis, therapeutic decisions, and overall case management and therefore requires diagnostic accuracy, completeness, and clarity. Successful management relies on collaboration between clinical veterinarians, oncologists, and(More)
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