Andrew D McLean

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BACKGROUND Graft-resident antigen presenting cells (APCs) are potent stimulators of the alloresponse. To test whether replacement of graft-resident donor-type APCs with those of recipient-type alters allorecognition and the pathogenesis of both acute and chronic rejection, we created chimeric hearts for transplantation into naive recipients. METHODS To(More)
Xenotransplantation requires monitoring of complex cellular interactions in vitro. A tool to monitor cell proliferation in detail would be instrumental in understanding these cellular interactions in heterogeneous xenogeneic lymphocyte cultures and in patients after xenotransplantation. To accomplish this, we used a fluorescent cell proliferation marker,(More)
BACKGROUND Although graft-resident passenger leukocytes are known to mediate acute rejection by triggering direct allorecognition, they may also act in an immunomodulatory fashion and play an important role in tolerance induction. Our purpose in the current study was to utilize rat bone marrow chimeras to evaluate the role of the genotype of passenger(More)
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