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We assessed, in a prospective randomised trial, the relative analgesic effects of Entonox and intra-articular lignocaine (IAL) in patients with acute anterior dislocation of the shoulder. A statistically significant reduction in pain scores was achieved with IAL (7.9 vs 5.2, P < 0.05), but the effect with Entonox was greater (7.8 vs 2.9, P < 0.001). We(More)
OBJECTIVE A state-of-the-art centrifugal pump combined with hollow-fiber oxygenator for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation has potential advantages such as smaller priming volumes and decreased potential to cause tubing rupture as compared with the traditional roller head/silicone membrane systems. Adoption of these state-of-the-art systems has been slow(More)
BACKGROUND Over 32% of burned battlefield causalities develop trauma-induced hypoxic respiratory failure, also known as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Recently, 9 out of 10 US combat soldiers' survived life-threatening trauma-induced ARDS supported with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), a portable form of cardiopulmonary bypass.(More)
Current anticoagulation strategies do not eliminate thromboembolic stroke or limb loss during neonatal extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), a form of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB). In adults, CPB surgery generates prothrombotic platelet-derived microparticles (PMPs), submicron membrane vesicles released from activated platelets. However, information(More)
Anorexia, weight loss, fatigue, symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and hepatomegaly are common early presenting signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse. The clinical diagnosis of alcoholic hepatitis can be made in alcoholics with associated fever, leukocytosis, jaundice and tender hepatomegaly. Associated laboratory abnormalities may include leukocytosis or(More)
Germany is the prototypical economy where universal banks, which offer a wide range of financial services, allegedly exert substantial influence over firms. Despite frequent assertions about the influence of German banks, empirical support for the German Bank Influence Model (GBIM) is largely lacking, an omission that is particularly crucial given recent(More)
BACKGROUND Up to 40% of combat casualties with a truncal injury die of massive hemorrhage before reaching a surgeon. This hemorrhage can be prevented with damage control resuscitation (DCR) methods, which are focused on replacing shed whole blood by empirically transfusing blood components in a 1:1:1:1 ratio of platelets:fresh frozen(More)