Andrew D. Fernandez

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Phase modulation at 125 kHz in a Michelson interferometer using an inexpensive piezoelectric stack driven at resonance. Fast phase modulation has been achieved in a Michelson interferometer by attaching a lightweight reference mirror to a piezoelectric stack and driving the stack at a resonance frequency of about 125 kHz. The electrical behavior of the(More)
Tissue engineering provides a promising approach to treat degenerative disc disease, which usually requires a large quantity of seed cells. A simple and reliable in vitro culture system to expand seed cells in a timely fashion is necessary to implement the application clinically. Here, we sought to establish a cost-effective culture system for expanding(More)
Anthropogenic noise is a growing concern for marine species. High intensity acoustic events, such as sonar and offshore drilling, have the potential to harm marine species in the area. The Marine Mammal Protection Act and Endangered Species Act were passed to address this issue and are the cornerstones of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric(More)
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