Andrew D. Barton

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This paper deals with the morphological effects of various experimental treatments on structures at the periphery of isolated liver cell nuclei. The results demonstrate that the outer and inner nuclear membranes, the pore-annulus complex, the fibrous lamina, and the perinuclear chromatin layer are interconnected, and together constitute an integrated cortex(More)
In the course of electron microscopic autoradiographic studies of the transport of ingested lipids from the blood to the cells of adipose tissue and liver, using 3H-palmitic acid as tracer, silver grains were found not only over the cytoplasm and fat droplets but also over the nuclei, suggesting absorption of lipids by the nuclei. Representative(More)
Spatial diversity gradients are a pervasive feature of life on Earth. We examined a global ocean circulation, biogeochemistry, and ecosystem model that indicated a decrease in phytoplankton diversity with increasing latitude, consistent with observations of many marine and terrestrial taxa. In the modeled subpolar oceans, seasonal variability of the(More)