Andrew Cyrus Smith

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Good visual perception skills are important in the effective manipulation of Tangible User Interfaces. This paper reports on the application of a test set we have developed specifically to quantify the visual perception skills of children when matching a physical object to its flat representation on paper. A pilot evaluation, with two groups of children(More)
—Clustering is the act of grouping items that belong together. In this paper we explore clustering as a means to construct tangible program logic, and specifically as a means to use multiple tangible objects collectively as a single tangible program parameter. We introduce T-logo, a simple tangible programming environment developed to test the concept of(More)
And so the supply chain is constituted: total strangers exchanging virtual objects for real-world objects. My 85-year-old uncle, Charles Keegan, used to enjoy his home entertainment system, including a television set. Unfortunately, his eyes have now succumbed to macular degeneration, an age-related illness characterized by a detached retina leading to(More)
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