Andrew Cuneo

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Analyzing the time allocation of students' activities in a school-deployed mixed initiative tutor can be illuminating but surprisingly tricky. We discuss some complementary methods that we have used to understand how tutoring time is spent, such as analyzing sample videotaped sessions by hand, and querying a database generated from session logs. We identify(More)
It is easier to record logs of multimodal human-computer tutorial dialogue than to make sense of them. In the 2000-2001 school year, we logged the interactions of approximately 400 students who used Project LISTEN's Reading Tutor and who read aloud over 2.4 million words. This paper discusses some difficulties we encountered converting the logs into a more(More)
A basic question in mining data from an intelligent tutoring system is, " What happened when…? " A generic tool to answer such questions should let the user specify which phenomenon to explore; explore selected events and the context in which they occurred; and require minimal effort to adapt the tool to new versions, to new users, or to other tutors. We(More)
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