Andrew Crowell

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Computer-assisted interventions hold the promise of minimizing two problems that are ubiquitous in substance abuse treatment: the lack of ready access to treatment and the challenges to providing empirically-supported treatments. Reviews of research on computer-assisted treatments for mental health and substance abuse report promising findings, but study(More)
General trees are usually displayed as planar straight-line grid drawings which provide an easily understandable structure to the viewer. Current general tree drawing algorithms have one common problem: their drawings on high degree trees produce many small angles, which makes it difficult to distinguish edges. The algorithm we propose in this paper allows(More)
The analysis of large sums of data can be extremely difficult to perform if the data is not presented graphically. As a result, many graphing techniques have been developed, such as scatter plots, histograms. Generally, the main purpose of graphically displaying data is to do one of two things: First, to find the general average of where most of the data(More)
In the current air transportation system, Decision Support Tools (DSTs) aid air traffic controllers in monitoring air traffic in order to maintain minimum separation standards between aircraft. These automated systems provide this service by predicting aircraft flight paths (trajectories), in order to foretell potential conflicts. The User Request(More)
A new graphic visualization tool, Trajectory Galaxy Visualization (TrajGalaxyViz) has been developed that significantly enhances analysts' ability to determine the accuracy of flight trajectory predictions, i.e. the anticipated route of an aircraft. The partnership between the Federal Aviation Administration's Conflict Probe Assessment Team (CPAT) and the(More)
The field of aerothermoelasticity is essential for control-oriented modeling of hypersonic vehicles due to a high degree of coupling between vehicle systems, as well as the presence of aerodynamic heating. In the present study, an efficient aerothermoelastic model is investigated in two ways. First, an approximate aerodynamic heating model is verified using(More)
The quality of a graph drawing algorithm is often measured by its edge crossings, angular resolution, aspect ratio, and node labeling. Algorithms for drawing trees in general are segregated from algorithms for drawing graphs. In this paper we present a graph visualization system that uses a novel interconnection between a tree drawing algorithm and graph(More)
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