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A note on the proportionality between some consistency indices in the AHP Abstract Analyzing the consistency of preferences is an important step in decision making with pairwise comparison matrices, and several indices have been proposed in order to estimate it. In this paper we prove the proportionality between some consistency indices in the framework of(More)
Löb's theorem and Gödel's theorems make predictions about the behavior of systems capable of self-reference with unbounded computational resources with which to write and evaluate proofs. However, in the real world, systems capable of self-reference will have limited memory and processing speed, so in this paper we introduce an effective version of Löb's(More)
We present a computable algorithm that assigns probabilities to every logical statement in a given formal language, and refines those probabilities over time. For instance, if the language is Peano arithmetic, it assigns probabilities to all arithmetical statements, including claims about the twin prime conjecture, the outputs of long-running computations,(More)
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