Andrew Coyle

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Note: Most SVRC technical reports are available via anonymous ftp, from in the directory /pub/techreports. Abstracts and compressed postscript files are available via Abstract UQ is an evolving generic language-based environment for manipulation of structured documents. The environment is intended to capture both syntactic and relational(More)
• The material is reproduced accurately and not in a misleading context • The material is correctly acknowledged and the author's name appears on the work or the excerpt • A copy of the publication containing the material is sent to the author • No charge shall be made for the copy containing the work or the excerpt No translation of the material may be(More)
Reverse engineering of the Internet is a valuable activity. Apart from providing scientific insight, the resulting datasets are invaluable in providing realistic network scenarios for other researchers. The Rocketfuel project attempted this process, but it is surprising how little effort has been made to validate its results. This paper concentrates on(More)
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