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In this article we evaluate the use of approximate visibility for efficient global illumination. Traditionally, accurate visibility is used in light transport. However, the indirect illumination we perceive on a daily basis is rarely of high-frequency nature, as the most significant aspect of light transport in real-world scenes is diffuse, and thus(More)
Professional associations could use virtual communities to reinvent their relationships with their members. One promising building block would be to revitalise Special Interest Groups as loose knit Internet based communities. These would be what has been called " networks of practice " or " communities of interest ". Although recognised phenomena, these(More)
Pachycephalosaurian dinosaurs have dorsally thickened crania and uniquely shaped frontoparietal domes in some genera, suggested as evidence for head-or flank-butting behavior. Trabeculae thought to have resisted impact compression are present as only one histological zone of some pachycephalosaur domes, and are surrounded superficially or replaced by thick(More)
A number of empirical investigations indicate that tests with a greater number of response options tend to yield better psychometric performance. We hypothesized that a version of the MMPI-2 with a polytomous response format would outperform the standard dichotomous format in terms of observed score reliability and validity. Two versions of the MMPI-2 RC(More)
This half-day workshop will bring together scholars, practitioners, and students from across the iSchool community to discuss current research around " positive " information phenomena, that is, non-problematical perspectives on the information experience. The session will explore a range of positive concepts recently emerged in information science, such(More)