Andrew Courter

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The introduction of service-oriented computing has created a more dynamic environment for the composition of software applications, where processes are affected by events and data changes and also pose data consistency issues that must be considered in application design and development. This chapter addresses the need to develop a more effective means to(More)
This paper defines the concept of Assurance Points (APs) together with the use of integration rules to provide a flexible way of checking constraints and responding to execution errors in service composition. An AP is a combined logical and physical checkpoint, providing an execution milestone that stores critical data and interacts with integration rules(More)
Stuffy nose, itchy and watery eyes, shortness of breath with wheezing, hives and stomach upsets often translate into allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, urticaria and food allergies. These symptoms present a diagnostic dilemma to practitioners, even when sophisticated immunologic tests are available. Given a good history, however, the most common allergic(More)
In situ hybridization using a series of alphoid DNA probes has demonstrated the origin of two small accessory mosaic marker chromosomes ascertained from 1079 amniocenteses. These markers appeared to be de novo, derived from acrocentric chromosomes, and identical by traditional cytogenetic staining (G, Q, C, AgNOR, Hoechst-distamycin). Molecular(More)
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