Andrew Cotton

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In a motor vehicle collision (MVC), survivors often receive mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI). Although there have been some reports of early white matter changes after an mTBI, much less is known about early cortical structural changes. To investigate early cortical changes within a few days after an MVC, we compared cortical thickness of mTBI survivors(More)
Accumulating evidence suggests traumatic experience can rapidly alter brain activation associated with emotion processing. However, little is known about acute changes in emotion neurocircuits that underlie PTSD symptom development. To examine acute alterations in emotion circuit activation and structure that may be linked to PTSD symptoms, thirty-eight(More)
0739-5175/03/$17.00©2003IEEE T here exists a number of applications where a method of rapid detection of particlulate biomatter on the micronand submicron scale, such as cells, bacteria, proteins, and viruses, is of great importance. Such applications include the development of point-of-care diagnostic devices for the detection of rare cells, the testing of(More)
The extension of the mains to marginal urban areas does indeed require considerable investment and implies supplying disadvantaged population groups whose ability to pay presents significant collection problems (Lyonnaise des Eaux, Lyonnaise des Eaux also suggests the use of order of priority within contracts, in order to prioritise services in the order of(More)
A common problem facing the application of dielectrophoresis for practical problems in medicine and biology is that the electric field gradient required to manipulate cells limits both the geometry of the electrodes, the volume of solution over which the device is effective, and the time taken to trap particles on the electrode surface. Furthermore, the(More)