Andrew Charles Lewis

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Considerable ambiguity exists about the generators of the scalp recorded P300, despite a vast body of research employing a diverse range of methodologies. Previous investigations employing source localization techniques have been limited largely to equivalent current dipole models, with most studies identifying medial temporal and/or hippocampal sources,(More)
Humans are exposed to metals from industry, the environment and from wear debris from worn orthopaedic joint replacements. Patients exposed to worn cobalt chrome hip replacements show an increase of chromosome aberrations in the bone marrow adjacent to the implant and an increase of chromosome translocations and aneuploidy in the peripheral blood. This(More)
This study is an exploratory investigation of the regional timing of cortical activity associated with verbal working memory function. ERP activity was obtained from a single subject using a 124-channel sensor array during a task requiring the monitoring of imageable words for occasional targets. Distributed cortical activity was estimated every 2.5 ms with(More)
A review of the current literature was undertaken to assess the lengthening index (LI) and infection rates found with different techniques of lower limb lengthening. We compared three methods of lengthening: external fixators, intramedullary nails and both methods used as a combined technique. Ten papers meeting the inclusion criteria were reviewed. The(More)
We report the functional results of a case series of Moje first metatarsophalangeal total joint replacements carried out between February 2001 and November 2006. All patients who underwent Moje arthroplasty under the care of a single surgeon were included; outcome scores and complications were recorded annually. A total of 32 joints in 29 consecutive(More)
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