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This work addresses the use of vibrotactile haptic feedback to transmit background information with variable intrusiveness, when recipients are engrossed in a primary visual and/or auditory task. We describe two studies designed to (a) perceptually optimize a set of vibrotactile "icons" and (b) evaluate users' ability to identify them in the presence of(More)
The appeal of modular robotics is in their potential versatility, robustness, and low cost of manufacture. These primary advantages, however, have yet to be fully realized [1]. Due to demanding level of expertise and a prohibitively high cost of fabrication and operation, majority of current research in modular robotics is limited to specialized labs at few(More)
—A modification of stacked spiral inductors increases the self-resonance frequency by 100% with no additional processing steps, yielding values of 5 to 266 nH and self-resonance frequencies of 11.2 to 0.5 GHz. Closed-form expressions predicting the self-resonance frequency with less than 5% error have also been developed. Stacked transformers are also(More)
BACKGROUND Huntington disease (HD) is an inherited neurodegenerative disease caused by an abnormal expansion of a CAG repeat in the huntingtin HTT (HD) gene. The primary genetic determinant of the age at onset (AO) is the length of the HTT CAG repeat; however, the remaining genetic contribution to the AO of HD has largely not been elucidated. Recent studies(More)
Increasingly, applications are being built by combining existing software components. For the most part, a software developer can treat components as black-boxes. However, for some tasks, such as performance tuning tasks, a developer must consider how the components are implemented and how they interact. In these cases, a developer may be able to perform(More)
This paper describes research exploring the use of haptics to support users collaborating remotely in a single-user shared application. Mediation of turn-taking during remote collaboration provides a context to explore haptic affordances for background communication as well as control negotiation in remote collaboration: existing turn-taking protocols are(More)
Many patients with breathlessness and chronic obstructive lung disease are diagnosed with either asthma, COPD, or-frequently-mixed disease. More commonly, patients with uncharacterized breathlessness are treated with therapies that target asthma and COPD rather than one of these diseases. This common practice represents the difficulty in distinguishing(More)
In this paper, we investigate the existence and stability of the equilibrium point of Cohen-Grossberg neural networks with time-varying delays. Under easily verified conditions, exponential stability is obtained when the delay is finite, while asymptotic stability is obtained when the delay is infinite. Moreover, the stability obtained is robust. The only(More)
Pathological and clinical studies implicate antibody-dependent mechanisms in the immunopathogenesis of multiple sclerosis. We tested this hypothesis directly by investigating the ability of patient-derived immunoglobulins to mediate demyelination and axonal injury in vitro. Using a myelinating culture system, we developed a sensitive and reproducible(More)