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A Retrospective Analysis of the Contribution of Reported Factors in Cochlear Implantation on Hearing Preservation Outcomes
Introduction Preservation of residual hearing is essential to perceive acoustic stimulation from hybrid cochlear implants (CI). Preservation is a good marker of atraumatic surgery and residualExpand
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Trends in Cochlear Implant Complications: Implications for Improving Long-Term Outcomes
Objectives To review worldwide data on cochlear implant adverse events, test for significant trends over a 10-year period and discuss possible reasons behind such trends. To evaluate the suitabilityExpand
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The role of the immune system in hearing preservation after cochlear implantation
Introduction Preservation of residual hearing after cochlear implant surgery remains variable across individual recipients despite advances in surgical techniques and the development of new electrodeExpand
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Contemporary biological factors in cochlear implantation and hearing preservation
Residual hearing preservation is necessary for deaf patients to experience the full benefits of electro-acoustic stimulation cochlear implants. Hearing preservation is often considered a benchmark ofExpand
Extracochlear Stimulation of Electrically Evoked Auditory Brainstem Responses (eABRs) Remains the Preferred Pre-implant Auditory Nerve Function Test in an Assessor-blinded Comparison.
OBJECTIVE Electrically evoked auditory brainstem responses (eABRs) can be recorded before cochlear implant (CI) surgery to verify auditory nerve function, and is particularly helpful in to assess theExpand