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Keywords: Android Memory forensics Memory analysis Linux Mobile device forensics a b s t r a c t The Android operating system for mobile phones, which is still relatively new, is rapidly gaining market share, with dozens of smartphones and tablets either released or set to be released. In this paper, we present the first methodology and toolset for(More)
Keywords: Memory analysis Live forensics Compressed RAM Virtual memory Digital forensics a b s t r a c t The forensics community is increasingly embracing the use of memory analysis to enhance traditional storage-based forensics techniques, because memory analysis yields a wealth of information not available on non-volatile storage. Memory analysis involves(More)
Memory forensics is increasingly used to detect and analyze sophisticated malware. In the last decade, major advances in memory forensics have made analysis of kernel-level mal-ware straightforward. Kernel-level malware has been favored by attackers because it essentially provides complete control over a machine. This has changed recently as operating(More)
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