Andrew Cartwright

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Development and progression of colon cancer may be related to cytokines. Cytokines with diagnostic value have been identified individually but have not been implemented into clinical praxis. Using a multiplex protein array, the authors explore a panel of cytokines simultaneously and compared its performance to carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and carbohydrate(More)
More than 1.2 million new cases of colorectal cancer are reported each year worldwide. Despite actual screening programs, about 50% of the patients are diagnosed at advanced tumor stages presenting poor prognosis. Innovative screening tools could aid the detection at early stages and allow curative treatment interventions. A nine target multiplex serum(More)
Colorectal cancer (CRC) has a long premalignant phase and relatively slow progression from organ defined invasive disease to local and distant metastatic disease and as such there is ample opportunity to identify patients at a curable stage (1). Current tests are either non-specific as with faecal occult blood testing (2) or invasive. Analysis of DNA(More)
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