Andrew Carran

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This paper explored the potential of application of in situ ion exchange resin membrane (IEM) technique for assessing soil nitrogen (N) availability and spatial distribution in New Zealand grazed pastures. Field and incubation experiments conducted to test the technique proved IEM technique to be a useful approach to monitoring the continuous changes in(More)
In this study, gross nitrogen (N) mineralisation rates were determined in six pasture soils (Fleming, Kairanga, Karapoti, Lismore, Templeton and Waikoikoi) from three different regions of New Zealand. The soils were kept under controlled soil water potential (−10 to −30 kPa) and temperature (12–20°C) conditions in a glasshouse. The gross N mineralisation(More)
A total of 118 subjects, divided into high scoring 129/J and low scoring DBA/1J parents, F2, and reciprocated F1, B1, and B2 generations, were given reversal training for 50 sessions. Results showed that the parent strain providing genes that were more favorable to reversal learning provided a maternal environment that was significantly less favorable than(More)
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) have multiple influences on ecosystem C cycling, but most research has focused on ecosystem C gains. We explore here the possibility of direct contributions of AMF to ecosystem C losses, namely via leaching of glomalin-related soil protein (GRSP). We tested the hypothesis that GRSP, an operationally defined SOM pool to(More)