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MockDroid is a modified version of the Android operating system which allows a user to 'mock' an application's access to a resource. This resource is subsequently reported as empty or unavailable whenever the application requests access. This approach allows users to revoke access to particular resources at run-time, encouraging users to consider the(More)
—With the ability to move virtual machines between physical hosts, live migration is a core feature of virtualisation. However for migration to be useful, deployable feature on a large (datacentre) scale, we need to predict migration times with accuracy. In this paper, we characterise the parameters affecting live migration with particular emphasis on the(More)
Persistent herpes zoster-associated pain is a significant clinical problem and an area of largely unmet therapeutic need. Progress in elucidating the underlying pathophysiology of zoster-associated pain and related co-morbidity behavior, in addition to appropriately targeted drug development has been hindered by the lack of an appropriate animal model. This(More)
This study assessed the effects of two N-acylethanolamides in established rat models of visceral and somatic inflammatory pain. (1) The therapeutic effects of the cannabinoid anandamide and the putative CB2 agonist palmitoylethanolamide were tested in a model of persistent visceral pain (turpentine inflammation of the urinary bladder). Both anandamide (at a(More)
A distal symmetrical sensory peripheral neuropathy is frequently observed in people living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1). This neuropathy can be associated with viral infection alone, probably involving a role for the envelope glycoprotein gp120; or a drug-induced toxic neuropathy associated with the use of nucleoside analogue reverse(More)
While evidence implicates the endogenous cannabinoid system as a novel analgesic target at a spinal level, detailed analysis of the distribution of the cannabinoid receptor CB(1) in spinal cord has not been reported. Here, immunocytochemical studies were used to characterize the CB(1) receptor expression in rat spinal cord. Staining was found in the(More)
HIV-associated sensory neuropathy is the most frequent manifestation of HIV disease, afflicting 40-50% of patients whose HIV disease is otherwise controlled by antiretroviral therapy. It often presents with significant neuropathic pain and is consistently associated with previous exposure to nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors including stavudine(More)
The complexity of modern mobile phones makes it difficult for developers to understand the power consumption of their applications. Our measurement framework produces fine-grained, annotated traces of a phone's power consumption which we are using to develop an understanding of how particular aspects of an application drive energy use. We ran a large number(More)
Despite the tremendous market penetration of smartphones, their utility has been and will remain severely limited by their battery life. A major source of smartphone battery drain is accessing the Internet over cellular or WiFi connection when running various apps and services. Despite much anecdotal evidence of smartphone users experiencing quicker battery(More)
We describe Device Analyzer, a robust data collection tool which is able to reliably collect information on Android smartphone usage from an open community of contributors. We collected the largest, most detailed dataset of An-droid phone use publicly available to date. In this paper we systematically evaluate smartphones as a platform for mobile ubiquitous(More)