Andrew C. Muller

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A menu of paired lottery choices is structured so that the crossover point to the high-risk lottery can be used to infer the degree of risk aversion. With “normal” laboratory payoffs of several dollars, most subjects are risk averse and few are risk loving. Scaling up all payoffs by factors of twenty, fifty, and ninety makes little difference when the high(More)
The radio-frequency identification (RFID) concept is expanded to millimeter-wave frequencies and millimeter-wave identification (MMID) in this paper. The MMID concept and a comparison with UHF RFID are presented, showing the limitations and benefits of MMID. Three feasible applications are suggested for MMID, which are: (1) wireless mass memory; (2) an(More)
The experimental treatments analysed in this paper are simple in that there is a unique Nash equilibrium resulting in each player having a dominant strategy. However, the data show quite clearly that subjects do not always choose this strategy. In fact, when this dominant strategy is not a “focal” outcome it does not even describe the average decision(More)
In this paper, fully monolithic integrated Schottky diodes on a high-resistivity (HR) silicon substrate with cutoff frequencies above 1 THz are presented. As HR silicon substrate, a common float-zone substrate was used. The necessity of an optimized layer design will be discussed. As it will be shown, cutoff frequencies above 1 THz are possible even for(More)
We develop a model to analyze parallel public and private health-care financing under two alternative public sector rationing rules: needs-based rationing and random rationing. Individuals vary in income and severity of illness. There is a limited supply of health-care resources used to treat individuals, causing some individuals to go untreated. Insurers(More)
A GaAs micromachined uniplanar quasi-optical mixer is presented for the first time. The main block of the circuit is a membrane-supported double folded slot antenna monolithically integrated with a millimeter-wave Schottky diode. The circuit is designed for the 38 GHz frequency range, using coplanar waveguide technology and full-wave electromagnetic(More)
This paper presents the design, fabrication and “on wafer” characterization of membrane-supported YagiUda CPW fed antenna structures. The antennas were designed for the 60 GHz and 77 GHz frequency operating ranges. The 60 GHz antennas were fabricated on a semi-insulating GaAs membrane using GaAs micromachining. The 77 GHz antennas were manufactured on 1.4(More)
Mesohaline tidal creeks are critical since they may lie at the crossroads of aquatic habitat and urban/sub-urban pressures. The emphasis of this study was to determine the water quality stressor variations within and between tidal creeks and determine whether they serve as nodes of pollutants into the sub-estuary. Measurements of water quality stressors(More)