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Compared with other industrial processes, carbon capture and storage (CCS) will have an unusual impact on atmospheric composition by reducing the CO(2) released from fossil-fuel combustion plants, but not reducing the associated O(2) loss. CO(2) that leaks into the air from below-ground CCS sites will also be unusual in lacking the O(2) deficit normally(More)
[1] Measurements of atmospheric O 2 /N 2 ratios and CO 2 concentrations can be combined into a tracer known as atmospheric potential oxygen (APO % O 2 /N 2 + CO 2) that is conservative with respect to terrestrial biological activity. Consequently, APO reflects primarily ocean biogeochemistry and atmospheric circulation. Building on the work of Stephens et(More)
Chicks were handled for 5 min twice daily for five consecutive days per week over a three-week period. The control birds were not handled once they had been allotted to their brooders. The growth rate of the treated birds was significantly decreased. There was no adrenal hypertrophy; the concentration, but not the content, of adrenal cholesterol was(More)
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