Andrew C. G. Porter

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Topoisomerase II removes supercoils and cate-nanes generated during DNA metabolic processes such as transcription and replication. Vertebrate cells express two genetically distinct isoforms (a and b) with similar structures and biochemical activities but different biological roles. Topoisomerase IIa is essential for cell proliferation, whereas topoisomerase(More)
As proliferating cells transit from interphase into M-phase, chromatin undergoes extensive reorganization, and topoisomerase (topo) IIα, the major isoform of this enzyme present in cycling vertebrate cells, plays a key role in this process. In this study, a human cell line conditional null mutant for topo IIα and a derivative expressing an auxin-inducible(More)
Type II DNA topoisomerases catalyse DNA double-strand cleavage, passage and re-ligation to effect topological changes. There is considerable interest in elucidating topoisomerase II roles, particularly as these proteins are targets for anti-cancer drugs. Here we uncover a role for topoisomerase IIα in RNA polymerase I-directed ribosomal RNA gene(More)
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