Andrew C. Clayton

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Although children are exposed to a variety of environmental hazards, including pesticides, there is a scarcity of information available to estimate exposures realistically. This article reports on one of the first attempts to measure multi-pathway pesticide exposures in a population-based sample of urban and non-urban children. A design strategy was(More)
BACKGROUND This study quantifies resources used to conduct 26 community-wide quit-smoking contests, the percentage of smokers that participated in these contests, and the statistical associations between resource inputs and participation percentages. METHODS Data collected from the 11 COMMIT intervention communities (adult population range 47,490-185,913)(More)
This study evaluated several pollution prevention techniques that could be used to reduce styrene emissions from open molding processes in fiberglass-reinforced plastics/composites (FRP/C) and fiberglass boat building industries. Styrene emissions using standard industry techniques, materials, and equipment were evaluated in a controlled environment and(More)
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