Andrew C. Boynton

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Line managers are increasingly assuming responsibility for planning, building, and running information systems that affect their operations. This is forcing organizations to evaluate how they allocate IT decision-making responsibilities. This paper describes a conceptual framework and an intervention process that can help firms devise and implement an(More)
Tttis article addresses the use and benefits of ttie Critical Success Factor (CSF) methodology in identifying corporate information needs and, subsequently, in developing a corporate information systems plan. The conclusions presented are drawn from an analysis of a CSF study conducted at Financial Institutions Assurance Corporation (FtAC). Interestingly,(More)
"The basic function of administration appears to be co-alignment, not merely of people in coalitions but of institutionalized action --- of technology and task environment into a viable domain, and of organizational design and structure appropriate to it. Administration, when it works well, keeps the organization at the nexus of several necessary streams of(More)