Andrew Bregman

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Gallbladder diverticulum is an unusual and uncommon disease process rarely discussed in the literature. This disorder may not be diagnosed until surgically resected. The presentation may entail nonspecific complaints over a prolonged period as highlighted in a case report of a 17-year-old woman with this disease. The incidence and pathophysiology of this(More)
Q-, C-, and G-banding patterns are described for the germ-line and somatic chromosomes of Miastor sp. The chromosome number in the germ line is 36, which is 3 less than that previously reported for the same cultured line 18 years ago. There are 8 chromosome groups: 8 large acrocentrics, 11 large and medium submetacentrics, 4 medium metacentrics, 4 medium(More)
The frequency of chromosome aberrations in cells cultured from umbilical cord blood was determined for 50 low birth weight (LBW) and 50 normal birth weight (NBW) euploid newborns matched for sex, race, and maternal age. The metaphase spreads had been prepared in the course of an earlier study of frequency of aneuploidy and results are from 72-h cultures,(More)
BACKGROUND Lactulose is commonly used for constipation and hepatic encephalopathy. Its adverse effects of dehydration and serum electrolyte imbalances are widely known. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to describe a case series of 3 patients receiving lactulose who developed lithium toxicity. METHODS The authors described a case series of 3 patients admitted(More)
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