Andrew Borg Cardona

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We present Open Trumps, a version of the popular card game Top Trumps with decks that are procedurally generated based on open data. The game is played among multiple players through drawing cards and selecting the feature that is most likely to trump the same feature on the other players’ cards. Players can generate their own decks through choosing a(More)
In this paper we investigate the suitability of the arcade game Ms. Pac-Man, as implemented in the recent Pac-Man versus Ghost Teams Competition, as a testbed for competitive coevolution. To that end, we explore competitive co-evolution techniques to co-evolve Pac-Man and Ghosts team controllers. We analyze in some detail the dynamics of evolution between(More)
We define data games as games where gameplay and/or game content is based on real-world data external to the game, and where gameplay supports the exploration of and learning from this data. This concept is discussed in relation to open data, procedural content generation and serious games, and research challenges are outlined. To illustrate the concept, we(More)
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