Andrew Birrell

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Dryad is a general-purpose distributed execution engine for coarse-grain data-parallel applications. A Dryad application combines computational "vertices" with communication "channels" to form a dataflow graph. Dryad runs the application by executing the vertices of this graph on a set of available computers, communicating as appropriate through flies, TCP(More)
Remote procedure calls (RPC) appear to be a useful paradig m for providing communication across a network between programs written in a high-level language. This paper describes a package providing a remote procedure call facility, the options that face the designer of such a package, and the decisions ~we made. We describe the overall structure of our RPC(More)
Autonet is a self-configuring local area network composed of switches interconnected by 100 Mbit/second, full-duplex, point-to-point links. The switches contain 12 ports that are internally connected by a full crossbar. Switches use cut-through to achieve a packet forwarding latency as low as 2 microseconds per switch. Any switch port can be cabled to any(More)
Grapevine is a multicomputer system on the Xerox research internet. It provides facilities for the delivery of digital messages such as computer mail; for naming people, machines, and services; for authenticating people and machines; and for locating services on the internet. This paper has two goals: to describe the system itself and to serve as a case(More)
20 provide the lowest latency and do not require host adapter buuer allocation. However, they require various degrees of complexity in crossbar switch implementation, in order to process source multicast addresses and prevent new types of deadlocks caused by the simultaneous use of multiple paths. None of the proposed schemes can be directly implemented in(More)
We present a novel peer-to-peer backup technique that allows computers connected to the Internet to back up their data cooperatively: Each computer has a set of partner computers, which collectively hold its backup data. In return, it holds a part of each partner’s backup data. By adding redundancy and distributing the backup data across many partners, a(More)
Most commodity flash disks exhibit very poor performance when presented with writes that are not sequentially ordered. We argue that performance can be significantly improved through the addition of sufficient RAM to hold data structures describing a fine-grain mapping between disk logical blocks and physical flash addresses. We present a design that(More)
The charter of SRC is to advance both the state of knowledge and the state of the art in computer systems. From our establishment in 1984, we h a v e performed basic and applied research to support Digital's business objectives. Our current w ork includes exploring distributed personal computing on multiple platforms, networking, programming technology,(More)
Current ber optic networks e ectively provide local connectivity among end user computing devices, and can serve as backbone fabric between LAN subnets across campus and metropolitan areas. However, combining both stream service (in which ATM excels) and low latency datagram service (in which cluster networks like Myrinet and POLO excel) has been di cult to(More)