Andrew Binley

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238 C ross-borehole geophysical methods are increasingly used to estimate hydrogeologic properties of the unsaturated zone. Th ese methods provide high-resolution in situ information for large support volumes of the subsurface with minimal intrusion and thereby have obvious advantages over other more traditional methods such as neutron probe and time domain(More)
We report on the evaluation of a novel grass hybrid that provides efficient forage production and could help mitigate flooding. Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) is the grass species of choice for most farmers, but lacks resilience against extremes of climate. We hybridised L. perenne onto a closely related and more stress-resistant grass species, meadow(More)
Geophysics provides a multidimensional suite of investigative methods that are transforming our ability to see into the very fabric of the subsurface environment, and monitor the dynamics of its fluids and the biogeochemical reactions that occur within it. Here we document how geophysical methods have emerged as valuable tools for investigating shallow(More)
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